Organization Structure and Board Members

SCN exists as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation since 1997, and it is an all volunteer organization. SCN’s governing board is comprised of 4 directors and a chairman, and 50% of its directors come from the affected population or have a related disability, members of the medical community, and other committed stakeholders. This complexion of the board makes it possible to help SCN fulfill its mission by creating meaningful programs, raising funds, and providing effective legal and medical advocates to the affected population.

Board Chair: Mary Evans. Mary is the remaining original founding member of SCN. American Camping Association (ACA) certified camp director

  • Julia Kurgat, Kenya
  • Tara Lynn Gray, CEO, Yadari Enterprises
  • Beverly Francois, RN
  • Diana Williams-Lucas
  • Katherine Gonder

Because SCN is a small adaptable organization, it has not only survived, it has thrived and continues to deliver services to the affected population while other larger better funded organizations are being defunded, losing staff, and terminating or drastically reducing programs. For example, Children's Hospital Research Center, Oakland lost funding for their Sickle Cell "Talking Drums Project" and staff hours were cut and reallocated to the programs. Sickle Cell Disease Foundation Southern California lost some funding but it did not impact their ability to provide camp.

Because of this rapidly changing environment, the pressure is increased on SCN to pick up the slack wherever possible and reach out to the larger Sickle Cell community by providing education about the disease, advocacy and referral services, and providing support by offering community building events and support services.

Sickle Cell Community Health Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to serving people and families affected by Sickle Cell Disease.

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