My Vision for Sickle Cell Community Health Network

  • My goal and vision plan for the organization is to strengthen our infrastructure and upgrade our technology. We must develop a sustainable fiscal foundation to meet this benchmark.

    To achieve this, we must access and use all the media tools available to us in this 21st century us. I envision a new interactive website with links to other collaborators, educators, health care professionals and stakeholders. Though we use the tag line “Think locally and Act Globally,” I would like to see Sickle Cell Community Health Network establish a stronger presence and name recognition in California and the United States. One way to do this would be to establish an allegiance with Sickle Cell Disease of America (SCDA).

    Futuristically, I would like for us to be in a position to host a Sickle Cell Technology camp for youth age 10-15 where they should prepare to be technology entrepreneurs and self- sustaining. The camp would be 5-day residential with technology and equipment provided. Perhaps the camper or student would invent an app or game or technology tool beneficial for the sickle cell community.

    Sickle Community Health Network will provide mentorships for young adult sickle cell organizations and host support groups. We will participate in various Youth Leadership training and development programs. Including attending other youth leadership conferences sponsored by other organizations.

    Sickle Cell Community Health Network currently has established collaborative relationships in Nairobi, Mombasa, TransZoia and Bungoma County, East Africa.

    Mary L. Evans, Founder, SCN.

    Sickle Cell Community Health Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to serving people and families affected by Sickle Cell Disease.

    3060 El Cerrito Plaza #407,El Cerrito, CA.94530 +1 (510) 717-6504
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